How to get prepared for a photo session

Get in a good mood and prepare to have a good time.
Think through your outfit. Garments with contrast patterns are tricky, so if you want to use them - combine with plain clothes or bring a few garments to try and choose from. Think of the background, will the color of your clothes collide with it?
Accessories such as flower hairpins, bracelets, umbrellas, and similar items can add a little magic to your portrait.
Bring a hairbrush; it will come in handy on a windy day. For girls, a little shine from lip balm will make your portrait shimmer and glow.

Tips on posing

Trying hard to pose might actually harm your portrait. Try to be natural instead of standing there and forcing a smile. Think of a good and memorable moment; remember your loved ones, a special moment like a date with your crush or a trip to Disneyland. The emotions that you feel will make their way outside and show true happiness. If nothing like this comes to mind, think of a joke! Tell it yourself and laugh!

If you’re a shy person and conscious of presence of other people on an outdoors photo shoot, consider this: most likely you will never see those people again in your life, so who cares what they think? Be yourself, relax, and shine for your portrait.


In case you want to incorporate certain decorations into your portrait, make sure to inform the photographer ahead of time. Hanging decorations like flower balls or fabrics require clamps or hooks to hold them in place. Fresh flowers might look withered; a spray bottle of water could help with that. The photographer needs to know ahead of time to bring those.

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