Lunar Eclipse

April 15th, 2014

Tonight is the night of bloodmoon! There will be a total lunar eclipse that can be observed from the Western hemisphere. For the U.S. central time zone, it will be visible around 2am.

«The lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is situated directly between the sun and the full moon. Because the Earth is completely obstructing the moon from receiving light from the sun, the light gets there indirectly as it has been filtered and refracted through the atmosphere.»

Quote taken from; feel free to read the article, it’s quite informative. Another great web resource is NASA's website. They will be ustreaming the eclipse as well!

I have witnessed a few lunar eclipses in my life and even was able to photograph one. The photo is not as clear as I would want it to be, but it was taken with a pretty old camera, so I’m still quite proud of it.

This year I had another chance to photograph lunar eclipse. I got a better camera, but had no tripod this time :( Hopefully, next time I’ll get it just perfect ;)

It was still fascinating to watch. Even though it was nearly freezing, I spent more than an hour outside trying to capture this orange cookie.

Amazing skies with so many stars and even Mars above me.

Lunar Eclipse

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