Blooming Arboretum

March 28th, 2015

One of my favorite features of California was gorgeous flowering trees on the streets. They would start blooming in January and fill up streets and gardens all over the place. Once I moved to Texas, I really missed these wonders. Last year I completely missed the transition between winter and spring in Texas due to travel. This year I got lucky. I discovered amazing white flowering cherries at the Dallas Arboretum. It was an amazing experience, as some of the trees began losing petals, and this was a true “sakura” feeling. I managed to get a few shots with almost no people in them, but it was incredibly hard. The Arboretum was packed with people, even though it was a week day. There were even a few wedding settings and a couple of brides doing their photoshoots. Another unbelievable wonder of the Arboretum at this time were tulips. There were beds and fields of colorful tulips everywhere.

The Lay Family Gardens are open now after a renovation. There are two additional koi ponds, a waterfall feature, and another beautiful walking trail.

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